The Future Of The Video Game... The Holodeck... Not Yet... But Sooon... - #VideoGame #Blog

Reg Barclay (Dwight Schultz) talking with, 'Professor Moriarity' on the Holodeck in, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'!
Ok, so for those of you who don't know what the Holodeck is... Well it is an interactive room that was first introduced in the popular late 80s, early 90s TV series, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'!

Now the idea behind it is this, you could basically design interactive simulations of any nature that you might want... And they could seem as real as you wanted them to be... You could be surfing off the cost of Hawaii, or fighting an intergalactic war!

Sounds awesome, right?

Well unfortunately we are not there yet... But soon... Here is what I mean...

Target practice on board Voyager's holodeck, 'How cool would that be? 
Ok, so first off let me say this... The biggest hurdle is this... Not all of the technology that is needed for this type of device is invented yet... But there is certainly some, that definitely can give us a good start!

First off, we do have holography... Star Trek level? No... But definitely Star Wars level... I mean I have seen a exhibit that a holographer did, about a dollar that looked so real, that when the exhibit said to try to reach for the dollar, I did... And wouldn't you know it, my hand went right through it!

And well folks, I can see how having holographic communications devices aren't exact very easy, (and probably fairly costly,) I can definitely see how they can be used, in that way, and how they could be used to make the first Holodeck Video Game System!

How awesome is this!
The only thing that hasn't been completely figured out is how to create a forcefield that is flexible enough to make the objects in the holodeck feel solid and permeable... But soon... I hope!

Captain America: Civil War (2016) - #Movie #Review

The epic battle between two great heroes!
Ok, so I have been a huge fan of the MCU since the beginning... And well, technically before the MCU became the, 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', what with Eric Bana (Star Trek) was the, 'Hulk' and when Fox was still the main front runner producing movies based on Marvel heroes! 

With that said though, I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed with, Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)... I saw it again recently and have to say that I am pretty pleased with it now, but back then it was pretty disappointing, but since, 'Ultron', I have to say that the movies just seem to be getting better and better again! 

This one does take some getting used to.
What I mean by this is that, Ant-Man (2015) was a return to classic form for the individual heroes, and besides being absolutely hilarious, is actually a pretty awesome film! And the next movie, and the reason for this review: Captain America: Civil War (2016) Is freaking amazing! 

Definitely ranks up there as one of the best of the MCU!
Written by: Christopher Markus (Captain America: The First Avenger), Stephen McFeely (Captain America: Winter Soldier) & Directed by: Anthony Russo (You, Me And Dupree), Joe Russo (Community). Starring: Chris Evans (Avengers: Age Of Ultron), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Scarlett Johansson (Lucy), Sebastian Stan (I'm Not Here), Anthony Mackie (Million Dollar Baby), Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanada) & Tom Holland (Locke). 

"Ok, Anybody on our side hiding any shocking, or fantastic abilities they'd like to disclose, I'm open to suggestions." - Iron Man/Tony Stark (A quote from the movie: Captain America: Civil War.) 

Ok, so first off what I am going to say, that I really enjoyed about this movie is the acting in this movie... I mean at this point, all of these guys have been at one time or another working together for the last 4 years, and you could tell how hard it was for them to have to split down the middle! 

Iron Man, Cap... Say it ain't so...
The next thing that I wanted to say that I really liked about this movie is the special FX, I mean it goes without saying that these movies have great special effects, but wholly cow! 

And then finally the story... This story is pretty awesome! What I mean by that is the fact that this story tells of how after a particularly disastrous mission, the worlds governments have decided to make the heroes register and come under the control of a world body (Basically like, 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' was before Hydra...) 

The disaster!
Anyway, this has the team divided on rather or not to actually sign them... 

At the signing accords, a ton of the worlds leaders are in attendance, when a bomb explodes disrupting the ceremony, and killing the Wakandan King!  It appears that the Winter Soldier (Played by: Sebastian Stan) came out of hiding, to do this... Or did he? 

Is Bucky still Bucky? Or is the, 'Winter Soldier' back? 
And now with the world on his tail, and some of the Avengers going after him as well, Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider will rely more on his old friend Captain America (Played by: Chris Evans) to not just protect him, but to also help him uncover who actually did it! 

And in doing so, may tear the team apart forever! 

Is this the end?
Great story right? Well the one thing I am going to say that I don't really like about this movie is that you can tell in the edges of the movie that the crew is starting to get a little lazy... (Watch Chris Evans closely and you will notice that at one point he has a slight gut, and is not muscular... And then it cuts immediately to him being ripped...) 

In the end though, this movie is pretty awesome and well worth watching! 

The Unveiling Of The DeLorean At The Petersen Automotive Museum - #Movie #Blog

An epic scene, from a great movie, and I got to see the car up close! 
Alright guys, so remember the blog that I did on my personal site about my night at the Petersen Automotive Museum? Well here is the next installment of all that!

Ok, so just a little reminder note, so I went there with my buddy and owner of, 'Matthew Dowling' to go see this event, and well we got there kind of early and so I thought that while we were waiting that I would check out the Museum itself as I am a huge car fan, and boy what I saw there... I can't wait to go there again! Let's just put it this way... For more information on that, click here:

Just one of the many awesome cars on display at the Petersen!
Anyway as for the event itself, being that this event was being sponsored by Hot Wheels and Universal, as well as the Petersen itself, this event was to unveil the complete restoration of the original, 'A' car from 1985's, Back To The Future! And the first speaker was the guy who actually developed the newest DeLorean toy car for Hot Wheels!

Now first off he began with the process of building the new car from the ground up, including starting off with the basic design of the car, and how he continually got to watch the first movie over and over again to make sure that he got all of the nuances of the original car that could be replicated for the new car on the new car... (Some stuff just couldn't be replicated from the original car, but that is just because those parts were just to big and to much to replicate.)

Don't worry guys, we will have these cars soon.
Then after that he went on to describe a fascinating history of the car in hot wheel form, (don't worry, that blog will be coming soon as well!)

With that said though, we come to the next phase, and something that was really cool was the Q&A with one of the people from TMZ, Steve Concotelli, Joe Walser (Both guys worked on the documentary, worked on the documentary about the restoration called, 'Outatime', and Joe was part of the team that restored the car) and producer Bob Gale (he actually worked on the movie!)

A great Q&A! 
Anyway, this was an amazing Q&A that definitely got to talking about the restoration of the original car, and one addition that was added to the car, (To give a little context on this,  when this car was used in the original movie, the lights and sound effects had to be done separate to the car... They added all that in to the car itself!)

But another thing that was really cool about all of this, was all of the awesome stories that you never heard from the set to!

You know what, check this out, I think you guys are really going to like this!

And for more information on the documentary, check out this link here: