Forge Of Empires (2013) - #Video #Game #Review

A fantastic game!
Ok, so I will be honest and say here, that I freaking love strategy based games that take place over the eons! And there are a ton of great ones!

For me though, my favorite has to be the, 'Civilization' series so far! I mean you literally get to play as one of of the famous world leaders in history, and then bring up your, 'civilization' throughout history, through war, and peace to the modern time and beyond!

There is another game that I have recently found that is pretty similar, and that game is, 'Forge Of Empires' (2013)!

Playing in the middle ages is awesome!
Now before I continue on, let me say this, InnoGames (The people who make Forge Of Empires,) do an amazing job at making turn base strategy games! And this one is no different!

You see, the idea behind this game is to build your city through out the stone age, and through to a future era, fighting wars, and taking over territory etc...

Now of course like all of InnoGames games, this game does actually have one flaw. At some point you do have to end the game and wait for hours to be able to play it again. But if you like these types of games, then check this one out, it is well worth

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Five Great TV #Shows To Watch This #Weekend - #TV #Blog

Five great TV shows to watch this weekend! 
Hey guys if you have nothing you are going to be doing this weekend, we would like to recommend these TV shows that you might enjoy this weekend! 

At number 5: The Twilight Zone. 

At 4: Supergirl.

At number 3: Supernatural. 

At number 2: Futurama. 

And at last, but certainly not least, at number 1: The Flash.

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Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne: Iron Head (2001) - #Song #Review

Two legends of heavy metal collaborating on an amazing song!
I haven't heard many collaborations between bands or genre's, but so far I have to say that I really like it! I mean I don't have many examples of this except for when, 'Metallica' played with the San Francisco Orchestra in a show that to this date is still completely awesome! 

Now I am not talking about something lame like, 'Donny & Mary' type of thing... To those who like this type of music... It may have been great in the 1970s, but the truth is, is it is pretty out of date by today's standards.

But there is another great song that I listened to with another group of absolutely amazing legends of heavy metal... That is a song that Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie did together for the album, 'The Sinister Urge' in 2001... Iron Head! 

A great song from a great album!
Besides the fact that this song has two of the greatest legends of heavy metal over the last 30 years. It has a great beat, and some great lyrics... Finally the other thing that I really like about this song is that the arrangement of how much time these legends had between them is just brilliant! 

In the end, I can't say that this is my favorite song, but the truth is, is I can't see anything wrong with this one! 

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